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NEWS:Albert Bates is going to teach the PDC with Robin Francis

Albert Bates is going to join and teach the PDC together with Robyn Francis in Bulgaria! Albert Kealiinui Bates is an influential figure in the intentional community and ecovillage movements. A lawyer, author and teacher, he has been director of the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology [1] since 1984 and of the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee since 1994. Bates has been a resident of The Farm since 1972. A former attorney, he argued environmental and civil rights cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and drafted a number of legislative Acts during a 26-year legal career.

Lead teacher: Robyn Francis

Award-winning international permaculture pioneer, designer, educator, presenter and innovator, Robyn Francis is the course's principal tutor. She draws on 25 years of international permaculture expertise. Robyn was founding director of Permaculture International Ltd. She was a member of the Australian National Reference Group which developed the Accredited Permaculture Training™ (APT).

Since completing her PDC in 1983, Robyn Francis has worked in Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Cuba, France, China, Malaysia and USA on diverse projects including domestic and public edible landscapes, ecological restoration, landuse planning, urban & rural ecovillage design, regional & social planning, community development & facilitation, with government and corporate clients, NGO’s, community groups, indigenous communities and private clients.
Robyn has taught over 150 PDC’s, over 100 post PDC advanced courses, 8 years of full-time APT training plus countless workshops, and lectures making her the world's leading permaculture’s and most experienced educator and trainer.

More information:

Robyn Francis was honoured as a Permaculture Elder at the recent APC-12 in Tasmania, and holds a phenomenal track record as a permaculture pioneer, educator and activist since completing the first women’s PDC in 1983.  She brought many previous practical skills into her permaculture work, including 10 years of organic gardening (in Bavaria, Germany and Australia), managing a herb farm, establishing a community garden, bioregional organisation, advocacy for the intentional community movement in Australia, and five years of international travel studying traditional farming, village culture and wild foraging in Europe and Asia. Within 2 years of completing the PDC she’d established Permaculture Sydney, convened an Australian Permaculture Convergence, opened a permaculture centre in Sydney, taught several PDCs and was catalyst for the Earthbank Society and Earthbank Conference in Australia. 

Bill Mollison was her mentor during the 1980s, and with Bill she co-taught the first PDC in India in 1987. That same year she founded Permaculture International Ltd, took on the editing of the International Permaculture Journal, and taught Rosemary Morrow and encouraged her to start teaching. Since then Robyn has taught over 130 PDCs in fourteen countries and mentored hundreds of permaculture teachers, designers and projects around the world, from remote desert Aboriginal communities, urban and rural designs and ecovillage projects, in climates ranging from cold temperate to humid and arid tropics. She was a key player in gaining formal accreditation for vocational qualifications in permaculture with the Australian accreditation authorities and has been teaching these for the past 11 years at her permaculture education centre, Djanbung Gardens, in the sub-tropics of eastern Australia.

Robyn describes herself as a practical dreamer and pragmatic visionary.  Her property, Djanbung Gardens, and how she has shaped and facilitated her local eco-neighbourhood, stands as evidence of this, as does her work in both national and international spheres.  “It’s only by harmoniously integrating social permaculture with design for the physical environment that we can truly be effective agents of change. I see permaculture as a key tool for redefining and shaping an emerging cultural ecology to meet the challenges of these times.”

In recent years her focus has been introducing and mentoring the emerging permaculture movement in Taiwan and mainland China. Her driving passion is supporting practicing permaculturists locally and globally with advanced and specialist skills to be more effective and confident in their work, and to raise the standards of permaculture educators and activists. As a teacher, she draws on an exceptional wealth of personal experience traversing permaculture history, with a keen awareness of the realities we face in a changing climate, to facilitate the personal transition from despair to empowerment with wisdom, creativity and compassion.

Robyn is acutely mindful of her personal footprint, and is reluctant to undertake long international flights beyond the carbon-sequestering capacity of her Djanbung bamboo and forests. This may be one of the last occasions she will fly to Europe to share her experience with the European permaculture community, as she will be focussing more on Australia and nearby Asia-Pacific region in coming years.



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